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Warehouse solutions

  • 1 — Sorting systems
  • 2 — Conveyor systems
  • 3 — Labelling systems
  • 4 — Identification systems
  • 5 — Storage systems
  • 6 — Warehouse automation systems
  • 7 — Other warehouse equipment

WEKEY offers various hardware-software solutions for organizing warehouse logistics - identification, labelling, conveyor, sorting and storage systems, warehouse management and much more. WEKEY develops solutions for small enterprises, helping to more efficiently utilize warehouse space and optimize employees responsibilities, as well as for large distribution centers of postal operators and e-commerce sites, implementing large-scale projects to create multi-level automated WMS systems.

Depending on your tasks, budget, the specifics of the facility, WEKEY specialists will select the most optimal equipment. Highly qualified service engineers will help you to implement your project and provide  uninterrupted high-quality technical service of warehouse equipment.