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Vertical conveyors

Vertical conveyor systems (lifts) cope with lifting different types of product — boxes, bags or freight pallets. The capacity of the lift conveyors is up to 2,000 objects per hour depending on the type of product.

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Vertical (lift) conveyors are a type of conveying equipment actively used in warehouse and production logistics to move products and goods up and down. Vertical lifts offer high capacity at a relatively low cost. WEKEY offers lift conveyors of various types made of high-strength, wear-resistant components manufactured in Russia and abroad.

Vertical conveyors can be supplied as a separate solution or in combination with infeed and outfeed conveyors for automated feeding and discharging of transported materials from the lift platform.

Lift conveyors are equipped with all the necessary systems to ensure the safe transportation of goods and operation of the equipment: safety guards, locking buttons, emergency shutdown, etc.

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