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With the process of increasing automation in the warehouse, manual labor is being replaced by more and more warehouse equipment, to increase productivity and optimize the functionality of the employees. Warehouse loaders are one type of such automated helpers.

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In WEKEY catalog you can find forklifts of different capacities, sizes, functional configuration. Forklifts perfectly cope with transportation, loading-unloading and lifting. Company specialists will help you to choose the optimal warehouse equipment based on your tasks, peculiarities of the object and budget.

In a closed warehouse electric forklifts are most in demand, because, unlike diesel or gasoline forklifts, they emit noxious gases, which the employees have to breathe.

Electric loaders are used in closed rooms, where the exhaust emissions are prohibited by industrial standards, these are warehouses, food banks, medical facilities, etc. In such areas, most often a flat rubberized surface is used, on which the loaders are most maneuverable and easy to handle.

Electric forklifts are divided into maneuverable three-legged and more stable four-legged models. Three-legged loaders are divided into front-driven and rear-driven. Front-wheel-drive electric forklifts are used for heavy daily use, while lower-priced rear-wheel-drive models are usually purchased for occasional use.

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