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Semi-automatic sorting systems

Various semi-automated sorting systems are used to speed up and increase the efficiency of warehouse staff. Today, this task is realised by means of hardware and software solutions integrated into a single automated accounting system for material items in the warehouse and assigning each item to a specific storage location.

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Sort to Light/Put to Light is a semi-automated sorting solution for managing the handling of parcels, goods, consignments, implemented with light modules. Sort by Light is a rugged racking system equipped with light modules on horizontal rails. The modules are spaced at set intervals, which coincide with the contact surfaces or storage compartments of the parcels/goods.

On arrival at the sorting area, each item is scanned and a light signal indicates to the picker the compartment corresponding to where the item is placed. When the item occupies the allocated space, the light goes out. A light signal then goes off, indicating that the goods are ready for picking.

The Pick by Voice solution, a voice-activated warehouse management solution, is most suitable for warehouses with a wide range of items and a high manual sorting workload, where human efficiency and error rates need to be maximised. The technology is implemented by means of a voice module, which gives the operator commands containing information about the item/cargo, its location and destination. The Pick by Voice solution can be implemented in warehouses where automated WMS warehouse management systems are used.

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