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Automated shelving

Automated shelving is a fairly new type of equipment for the Russian market for the organization of storage space, allowing the most efficient use of available space and to optimize the processes of lay-out, selection and storage of goods.

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WEKEY offers automated shelving and storage systems for warehouses of various specifications and for any type of product:

Elevator shelving is a type of automated shelving with moving shelves or individual product containers along vertical and horizontal rails. The principle of moving «goods to people» rather than the other way around significantly reduces the time it takes to find goods in the warehouse and optimizes picking time.

Vertical and horizontal carousel (elevator) racks — is a closed circular design with shelves or individual trays moving in the direction of the goods withdrawal and loading area.

Automatic rack stacker cranes for warehouses — one of the main types of warehouse equipment in production logistics, characterized by high speed and productivity. Automated warehouse systems with a stacker crane consist of a shuttle shuttle platform with an elevator mechanism that lifts pallets with cargo on two rails.

The main advantages of the automated racking complexes over classical warehouse systems are higher productivity, faster loading and unloading of goods, more efficient use of warehouse space and a reduction in errors due to «human factor». Additionally, automated warehouses are equipped with various technologies that increase the efficiency of picking and loading goods, such as barcode reading systems, light picking (Pick-by-Light), laser pointers, etc.

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