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Warehouse automation systems

WEKEY focuses on global trends and practices of the world's largest warehouse management projects (mail and logistics, retail, freight logistics).  In order to optimize the business processes of your facility, WEKEY offers solutions in the following areas of warehouse automation: logistics audit, development of equipment design, organization of addressable storage, implementation of WMS systems and more.

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The main areas of warehouse automation, which operates the company WEKEY:   

Logistics auditing and consulting 

To ensure truly effective optimization of warehouse logistics, you need a competent assessment of the current processes, specifics of goods, their accounting and processing. WEKEY experts can then develop a customized technical solution and provide you with a set of measures that meet your goals within your budget. 

Efficient use of storage space

Competent use of warehouse volume and ceiling height allows the most effective and cost efficient zoning (receipt area, sorting and picking area, storage area) and placement of storage, processing and transportation systems, and additional storage equipment (forklifts, pallet-packers, carts). 

Addressable storage 

An essential step on the path from chaos to light and orderly storage - from "Petrovich, do you remember where you put it?" to an automated dynamic system of goods placement. For warehouses with a wide assortment, different groups of goods and continuous deliveries a dynamic system of address storage is required, requiring specialized software and warehouse equipment (labeling and barcode reading systems). 

Introduction of automated WMS warehouse management systems 

Today any warehouse with more than 100 item names should consider a dynamic system of address storage as a minimum necessary to organize a harmonious goods turnover management. Such automation is impossible without implementing various software and hardware systems: from primitive accounting and inventory control systems to complex WMS systems with architecture and logic adapted to the specific object. Select the right WMS system is impossible without a professional audit of business processes and understanding the needs of all departments involved in the economic activity of the warehouse. 

Implementation of sorting and picking technologies 

Large warehouses and distribution centers are faced with the need to increase production capacity by reducing the "human factor" in the process of sorting goods/postal items. WEKEY offers various modern technologies for automation of sorting and selection of goods in the warehouse: Sort-to-Light (sorting by light), Pick-by-Voice (technology of selection by sound identification), Pick-by-Weight (selection by weight system).