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Automatic sorting

WEKEY offers a wide range of sorting solutions to meet the different needs of warehouses, post offices and production plants. Depending on the required sorting capacity, type, shape, size and weight of the goods to be sorted and the customer's budget, WEKEY experts will select and design customised sorting solutions.


  • Shoe sorters
  • Crossbelt sorters
  • Drive conveyors
  • Pusher type Sorters
  • Tilt Tray Type Sorters

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The sorting system includes the following functional elements: control, identification and sorting. WEKEY offers different types of sorters: shoe sorters, cross, drive conveyors, Till Tray sorters, pusher type sorters. 

Shoe Sorter are fully automatic lines for sorting objects of different shape, size and weight as well as boxes of fragile content. Shoe sorters offer high goods/postal handling speed and capacities of up to 400 boxes per minute. The sorting lines are equipped with a tucking mechanism (30°), which slides over the belt and ensures fast and accurate sorting of the boxes. 

Cross Belt Sorters are equipped with high-speed cross conveyor belts and are suitable for sorting parcels, merchandise and small packages with fragile contents, providing processing speeds of up to 500 items per minute. 

Driven roller conveyors are designed for sorting and transporting a variety of goods. The rollers are cone-shaped, ensuring that the load is positioned correctly between the side frames and at an even speed. The rollers are driven by an electric motor coupled to a chain transmission elements. 

Tilt Tray sorters provide a convenient and safe method of transport for automatic sorting, as the goods/parcel is placed in a separate tray.  The design of the Tilt Tray ensures a smooth and gradual movement from the loading area to the collection chute. The Tilt Tray sorter design is relatively simple and has far fewer moving parts compared to other sorting methods.